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Great Conference! - 2017 NFH Seattle Conference - April 21 & 22 - Cedarbrook Lodge
See Conference Photos & Presentations.


What is the Cabin Program? Read an overview.

Introducing Desiree La Maggiore
NFH Field Director

As of May 1, 2017, we have a new part-time staff member.  Her name is Desiree La Maggiore and she is a third-generation cabin owner on Lake Shasta in California. 

Here are some introductory words from Desiree:

"In our increasingly complex world, cabin life remains a timeless, priceless experience I’m compelled to preserve and protect – which is why I am excited to join the NFH team as Field Director, focused on outreach.

"The realization of what the cabin program meant in my life became all too clear during my 25-year career working in high tech. Long periods of office time, marketing and management chores punctuated by mad dashes to the lake house – our cabin. It was a familiar cycle I’d witnessed twice-over. .  ." 

See NFH 2017 Election Results
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Goodbye Seattle!

The 2017 NFH Conference and annual cabin owner gathering was a great trip! More photos of our wonderful gathering in Seattle coming soon. See
some photos under the conference proceedings.

NFH Volunteers Chuck Myers, Ken Hoiland & Lori Tripathi helping out. What a lovely hotel and such a fun group.


Mermbers of Cabin Tracts Across the U.S. Were There






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2017 NFH Conference Proceedings:

On April 21 & 22, 2017 - NFH traveled to Seattle, Washington to hold our annual meeting and conference in April. 

USFS staff from the Pacific Northwest Region and the Washington Office joined us, along with state experts on water, historic preservation and much more.

Click here to see our Conference proceedings, links to valuable session documents and photos taken by one of our new NFH Directors, Dave Hansen.

Our keynote speaker was Jerry Franklin, Professor and forest ecologist at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington, known as a leading visionary in forestry and conservation.

2017 Permit Fee (CFA) Update

As we begin 2017, we can say with a sigh of relief that most of the Cabin Fee Act (CFA) implementation is behind us

Click here
to see the 2017 Annual Permit Fee Table and the latest CFA information.

NEW! Cabin Outreach Program

NFH leadership voted in May, 2015 to establish the Cabin Outreach Program.

The reasoning was simple. Local cabin owners would contact other local cabin owners so that NFH could learn more about cabins and cabin tracts, far and wide, so that cabin tracts and cabin owners could benefit from the collective, institutional knowledge base within the NFH network.

It’s taken over a year for this vision to coalesce into a plan, and soon the plan will become a reality.

Our new Field Director (applications now closed) will direct this outreach program and will be searching the cabin world for Cabin Outreach volunteers.

Our goal, quite simply, is to grow our cabin owner network so that we can all help each other with our collective experiences. 

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"Cost-Effective Cabin Ownership:
Buying a cabin retreat on leased land"

by Stacey Freed